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Introducing Olympus Cheese

the handcrafted and numerous award-winning Olympus Cheese offers delicious, pure cheeses such as their signature halloumi, ricotta, and Australian-style fetta. Over the past 38 years, the artisan cheesemakers have gradually increased their range of “palate-pleasing products” to create fresh, creamy, and soft cheeses that are low in salt content. Proudly making Mediterranean cheeses by hand using recipes passed down through the generations.

How is Olympus cheese made?

Like all the best things in life, there is an art to creating something that tastes so ridiculously good. For the success of these soft, delicate cheeses, it’s the love of cheesemaking and the Cypriot traditions of the family-owned business that contributes to the fresh and creamy taste. All cheese and yoghurt products contain no preservatives and uses the best quality milk to produce superior cheese. To replicate an authentic recipe, the use of cow’s milk and vegetable rennet helps provide a creamier texture and earthy undertones.

Olympus has a different process for making halloumi, fetta, and ricotta, all of which relate back to what the animals are fed to produce the milk and the quality of milk.

What are the different types of cheeses?

Offering a wide range of delectable, fresh, and velvety cheeses from cow’s milk cheese, creamy buffalo milk cheese and Olympus fetta cheese, their prized preservative-free cheeses are quality controlled from farm to table and are renowned for their low salt content. The Australian-made range includes:

  • Ricotta
  • Fetta
  • Halloumi
  • Buffalo Milk Halloumi
  • Buffalo Milk Fetta
  • Chef’s Halloumi

About Olympus Halloumi

Inspired by Cyprus the home of halloumi cheese and traditional family recipes, Olympus creates an extraordinary halloumi that is mild, firm and thanks to being pasteurised by fresh cow’s milk has a flavour with “sweet, grassy notes”. As it depends on what the cows are eating, their Olympus halloumi can vary in taste seasonally, with some even containing a further layer of flavour thanks to one of their cheeses being minted. Olympus’s signature halloumi is versatile when staying in shape and cut into 5mm slices and grilled for barbecues, breakfasts or in a salad whilst also maintaining it’s perfectly ‘squeaky’ soft inside when cubed and mixed with watermelon during summer.

About Olympus Fetta Cheese

Consistently winning prizes for their creamy fetta from the earthy, mild in taste to the more intense buffalo milk fetta, Olympus has perfected the slow and gentle process of creating the perfect fetta cheese. Creamy and firm, the Buffalo and Olympus Fetta cheese is an Australian-style cheese that’s superb in salads and baked goods (both savoury and sweet) whilst the marinated fetta is a great addition to anyone’s cheeseboard or salad.

About Olympus Ricotta

Ricotta is a fresh cheese that is milky and sweet and ready to eat within hours of being made. It’s also great to know that out of all the cheeses, ricotta has the lowest fat and highest protein content and is a great source of calcium and magnesium. Low in salt and fat and perfect when baking, for breakfast or dessert with some fruit or in a delicious ravioli, Olympus ricotta is the perfect treat to anyone who is health conscious but would love a little treat.

Wholesale Olympus cheese

If you’re looking to buy some Olympus cheese get in touch with Chef Direct restaurant food supplier for more information on their range of cheeses or to place an order for next day delivery. Chef Direct prides themselves on also being a yoghurt supplier that are affordable, come in a delicious range of unsweetened and Greek yoghurt and are developed with natural and organic ingredients.

You can contact us online or call Mark on 0435 204 802 to buy some Olympus halloumi, fetta or ricotta today or take a look at our cheese wholesaler page for more information and prices on buying some cheese from Olympus

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