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Support your independent egg supplier by shopping with a locally owned business. Chef Direct offers high quality, wholesale free range chicken eggs that are delivered on time every time. For a fresh egg supplier, that’s trustworthy and simple to use, choose Chef Direct.

Free range chicken eggs

At Chef Direct, we specialise in sourcing top-quality free range chicken eggs from happy, healthy chickens. Free range chicken eggs at Chef Direct come from local farms in QLD or NSW that follow the CSIRO Model Code of Practice and have a max of 1,500 hens per hectare. This makes for a less stressed bird which results in a better-quality egg!

Our wholesale free range eggs move straight from the farm to a product management center where they are taken to be cleaned, sorted, and checked for biosecurity, then are delivered svia our delivery chain straight to your cold room – meaning there’s no ‘sitting around’ in a market. All of our bulk free range eggs are kept in regulated temperatures to ensure optimal conditions for the eggs. From refrigerated stock rooms to our refrigerated vehicles and then straight into our customer’s cold room!

We also offer caged / cage free and organic egg options on request.

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Why choose Chef Direct egg wholesaler?

At Chef Direct egg wholesaler, we not only focus on providing a wonderful customer experience but the health and happiness of our hens too. Our chickens have plenty of space to roam and are fed a high-quality gourmet blend of delicious food made from organic ingredients.

With less than 1,500 chickens per hectare, that gives each chook over 7 square metres to roam around in, you can rest assured that our hens have plenty of space to enjoy.. We comply with the CSIRO’s Model Code of Practice to ensure our hens are looked after to the highest of standards.

With Chef Direct, there’s no waiting around or confusion when it comes to ordering your eggs. Our fresh egg supplier Mark works hard to deliver bulk free range eggs on time and in a precious and passionate manner.

We firmly believe in forming good solid relationships with staff, clients, and egg suppliers as it helps us provide a better, more transparent service. Chef Direct can supply eggs from a variety of farms, therefore are able to provide consistent service.

The Chef Direct Difference

Our chief egg supplier Mark takes the time to really build a relationship with each customer. Only one text away, Mark offers dependability, reliability, quick decision making, and can quickly address problems and/or concerns.

Wholesale Egg Pricing

True Free Range Eggs

Free Range Eggs on trays – 15 doz per box (180 eggs)

Extra Large (700)   $89.00/box

Free Range Eggs in Dozens – 15 doz per box (180 eggs)

Extra Large (700)   $90.00/box

Jumbo (800)   $91.00/box

Cage Free Eggs & Caged Eggs

Cage Free on Trays

Large (600)   $74.00/box

Extra Large (700)   $75.00/box

Cage Free in Dozens

Large (600)  $74.00/box

Extra Large (700)   75.00/box

Cage in Dozens

Large (600)   $70.00/box

Extra Large (700)   $71.00/box

Jumbo (800)   $73.00/box

Egg supplier near you

Interested in discussing your egg needs? Text Mark on 0435 204 802 for more information about our wholesale free range eggs.

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