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Introducing Fresco Haloumi

“New to Chef Direct, Fresco’s multi award-winning Cypriot Style Haloumi was awarded a gold medal and crowned BEST IN CLASS at the 2019 DIAA Awards. Made locally in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, it channels the coastal vibes of Cyprus. Savoury, firm and delicious, Fresco haloumi cooks up perfectly in the frying pan, grill or in the oven. Boasting a lower salt content than many alternatives, it is better for you and more suitable for the Australian palate.”

What is Fresco haloumi?

Made in the traditional Cypriot style, Fresco haloumi is a delicious unripened, brined cheese infused with mint. This cheese is commonly made from sheep or goats’ milk (sometimes with both) and can be used on everything from pizza to salads, breakfast dishes and more. Fresco haloumi is an incredibly versatile dish that can be served both raw and cooked and can even make a wonderful alternative to meat with its strong, chewy texture.

How is Fresco haloumi made?

Fresco haloumi is made by heating milk and adding rennet, an enzyme used to coagulate milk. Once the milk has cooled, the curds and whey will naturally separate. The curds will then begin to harden and will be poached in the leftover whey with some added salt for flavour. Once cooked, haloumi is best stored in a fridge, where it can be eaten raw or cooked again. Fresco haloumi can last up to a year in the refrigerator if left unopened.

How do you eat haloumi?

Though haloumi can be consumed raw, there’s nothing that beats grilled haloumi. This pairs wonderfully with eggs and toast, which is why haloumi is considered a popular breakfast option. With its unique flavour and texture, haloumi can be experimented in salads, kebabs, sandwiches and more. It can also be used as a substitute for meat or other cheeses and can be thinly sliced or used in large pieces, as the flavour is strong but not overpowering.

How do you cook haloumi?

Wholesale Fresco haloumi is at its best when it’s cooked, as the heat causes the cheese to soften without becoming stringy. When grilled, haloumi won’t melt but instead becomes caramelised and crisp, with hard edges and a softer, chewy centre. It’s high melting point and strong texture is what makes Fresco haloumi so unique, and why’s so loved by restaurant and café owners worldwide.

Wholesale fresco haloumi

Looking to buy fresco haloumi? Get in touch with Chef Direct restaurant food supplier for more information on Fresco cheese and to place an order for next day delivery. You can contact us online or call Mark on 0435 204 802 to buy fresco haloumi today. Or take a look at our cheese wholesaler page for more information and prices on buying Fresco Cheese.



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