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At Chef Direct we use the leading Brisbane based Olympus yoghurt manufacturer, we offer a delicious range of unsweetened natural yoghurt and Greek yoghurt delivered straight to your door. Developed using natural, organic ingredients, our fresh yogurt is perfect for sweet or savoury dishes and will be sure to be a hit with your customers.

Whether you run a small café, a brunch restaurant, are preparing school lunches, or want to buy yogurt in bulk for a catering company, choose Chef Direct as your reliable Brisbane yoghurt supplier.


Olympus natural yoghurt | Featured image for yoghurt supplier Brisbane product page.

Award Winning Olympus Unsweetened Natural Yogurt

When it comes to creating the perfect breakfast, yoghurt is one of those wonderfully versatile superfoods that’s perfect for starting the day. Made from whole milk, our range of unsweetened yoghurt is all the flavour without any nasty additives. Our creamy yoghurt can be used in anything from salad dressings, swirls in soups or a nice white sauce for cooked salmon and is guaranteed to add that extra special something to any dish.

Olympus Unsweetened Natural Yogurt Pricing – 2kg tubs @ $7.5/tub

Olympus Greek Yoghurt | Featured image for yoghurt supplier Brisbane product page.

Award Winning Olympus Unsweetened Greek Yogurt

Our Greek yoghurt also comes from Olympus, a local Brisbane based Greek yogurt supplier. Made with cow’s milk and contains no preservatives or added sugar, it is perfect for adding to a bowl of fresh fruit, as an ideal accompaniment to any dish or can be enjoyed fresh on its own.

There are many health benefits with Greek yoghurt, as it contains numerous cultures packed chockfull of nutrients. The acidic nature of Greek yoghurt also makes it easier for your body to absorb, which makes it a great source of energy.

Full of probiotics, Greek yoghurt is gentle on the stomach and helps to increase the microorganisms needed for good gut health.  When you choose Chef Direct as your Greek yogurt supplier, you’re purchasing yoghurt that is created by dairy experts who are passionate about quality products and traditional methods.

Olympus Unsweetened Greek Yogurt Pricing – 2kg tubs @ $7.5/tub

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With Chef Direct, you have a yogurt supplier that not only prides itself on quality produce but consistent, transparent communication as well. The purchasing process is handled with the strictest of care to ensure optimal conditions. When you buy yogurt in bulk you can rest assured that your yoghurt will always be cold as it goes directly from a refrigerated vehicle straight to your cold room.

For a reliable, regular yogurt supplier guaranteed to arrive on time every time, choose Chef Direct. You can or give Mark a text on 0435 204 802.

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