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Chef Direct, is one of the leading Brisbane based cheese wholesalers offering a delicious and delectable variety of fresh cheese from two local cheese suppliers. Delivered straight to your cold room twice weekly, choose from our range of bulk halloumi, fetta, ricotta, and labneh cheeses and elevate your café or restaurant menu with authentic fresh cheese, made the traditional way.

Don’t settle for low-quality cheese – for a reliable wholesale cheese supplier delivering the best in fresh cheese Brisbane wide, choose Chef Direct. You can get in touch online or give Mark a call on 0435 204 802 to buy ricotta cheese, bulk halloumi, fetta, or labneh today.

Fresh Cheese Wholesaler

Halloumi cheese on plate | Featured image for cheese wholesaler.

Buy Wholesale Halloumi Cheese

Our wholesale halloumi cheese owes its origins to its Cypriot roots. Mild, delicious, and firm, halloumi is a natural semi-hard cheese that holds its shape well when grilled yet still maintains that soft texture on the inside. As a lower salt product, it pairs well either when fresh or pan-fried with salads, range of cured meats, and is the perfect accompaniment to a healthy breakfast offering.

Made from pasteurised fresh cow’s milk curd, our halloumi suppliers, make halloumi just as they do in Cyprus; With generations of experience in cheese making, sample our fresh halloumi for your restaurant or café and experience the exquisite flavour profile of the best in bulk halloumi Brisbane locals love.

Halloumi Cheese Price

Pandelyssi Halloumi – $17.80/kg in vacuum packed blocks (800g-1kg)

Olympus Halloumi – $18.25/kg in vacuum packed blocks (900g -1kg)

Fresco Halloumi – $17.50/kg in vacuum packed blocks (either in 550g or 900-1kg packs – 8 blocks per carton)

*min orders may apply

Ricotta cheese | Featured image for cheese wholesaler.

Buy Fresh Ricotta

Owing its roots to its Italian origins, Ricotta is a soft, semisweet cheese that has continued to grow in popularity among the health-conscious and savvy consumer alike. Low in fat and high in protein, it’s made from the whey leftovers of halloumi or fetta. Our local cheese suppliers add fresh cow’s milk to give our ricotta that characteristic white look, smooth texture, and the subtle but perfectly creamy taste loved by Australians.

When you buy ricotta cheese with Chef Direct, we guarantee nothing but the highest quality, our award-winning Olympus Ricotta is ideal for spreading and adds the perfect subtle flavour profile to a range of dishes including tarts, pizza, pasta, and so much more. Authentically made and high in calcium and magnesium, it’s the perfect health food offering only around 10% fat content and low levels of salt. Buy fresh ricotta for your café, restaurant, or catering business and sample the quality of our premium fresh ricotta offerings.

Ricotta Cheese Price

Olympus Ricotta – $8.60/kg (2kg vacuum packed baskets)

Pandelyssi Ricotta – $7.90/kg ( approx 2kg vacuum packed baskets

*min orders may apply

Feta Cheese on board | Featured image for cheese wholesaler.

Buy Fetta Cheese in Bulk

Our multi-award-winning Olympus Feta cheese has been crowned Australia’s Champion Fetta and offers up a stunningly creamy, firm texture, and a mild taste. With a short maturation process, it’s a delicate open-textured cheese which is lower in salt content than most imported fetta making it a popular addition to many a breakfast menu.

Gentle on the palate it has become a staple addition to many table salads, baked pastries and tarts, and even more delicious on a café or restaurant’s antipasto platter. Buy fetta cheese in bulk with Chef Direct and add some Greek texture to your menu.

Fetta Cheese Price

Olympus Bulk Feta – $26/tub – 2kg Tub

*min orders may apply

Labneh cheese | Featured image for cheese wholesaler.

Buy Labneh Yoghurt Cheese

Made from strained yoghurt and a very popular addition to many Middle Eastern dishes, labneh also commonly known as ‘yoghurt cheese’ is a soft cheese similar in texture to cream cheese but contains only half the fat and calories of its cream cheese counterpart.

Perfect as a healthy spread, it pairs well with bread, toast, and vegetables and is a great addition to any morning breakfast menu. If you’re looking for a bit of pizazz to add to your breakfast or lunch appetizer menu, sample our delicious labneh cheese today.

Labneh Price

Olympus Labneh – $30.00/tub (1.25kg) (Labneh itself is 750g)

Olympus Labneh – $6.2/tub (250 gm)

*min orders may apply

Fresh Cheese Wholesale Brisbane wide from Chef Direct - Your Wholesale Cheese Supplier

For a halloumi, fetta, labneh, and ricotta cheese price that’s hard to beat and the best quality cheese wholesale Brisbane wide from local Queensland cheese suppliers, choose Chef Direct! Get in touch online or give Mark a call on
0435 204 802 to place an order today.

As your cheese wholesaler, we offer fast turnaround on all of our cheese orders and ensure that the entire purchasing process is handled with the strictest of care to ensure optimal conditions on all of our products. Straight from our refrigerated vehicle into your cold room – no hassle, no fuss – only great quality cheese.

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